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Trends & Keywords

Stay relevant with VidPilot’s advanced trend analysis. Explore trendy keywords across the web and YouTube, and tap into the pulse of current news. Visualize your insights through powerful graphs.

AI Idea Generator

We simplify the brainstorming process, providing unique and trendy video ideas to keep your channel fresh and relevant.

High-Quality Scripting

Let our AI do the heavy lifting! Generate captivating video scripts that engage your audience from the start and hold their attention till the end with a captivating style.

AI Smart Text Editor

Our AI text editor is designed to refine your scripts with its versatile features, you can modify text length, tonality, and style, creating engaging content that aligns perfectly with your creative vision.


Meet your new AI Youtube Co-pilot.

Designed to assist YouTubers, VidPilot is the perfect co-pilot in your content creation journey. We simplify the brainstorming process, providing unique and trendy video ideas to keep your channel fresh and relevant.

Crafted for Creators

Designed to assist YouTubers, VidPilot is the perfect co-pilot in your content creation journey. We simplify the brainstorming process, providing unique and trendy video ideas to keep your channel fresh and relevant.

Up-to-Date Info

We provide up-to-the-minute information on current events, paired with our AI-powered text generation, to help you create content that’s always timely, fresh, and relevant.

Target Audience

With VidPilot, cater to your unique audience effectively. Set custom parameters to generate content that truly resonates with your viewers, enhancing viewer engagement and loyalty.

Flexible Pricing.

Flexible plans tailored to your needs. Save up to 30% for yearly subscription

Creator Plan
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The cheapest way to get started. For creators actively developing their skills and content.

  • Explore 10 trends
  • Develop 10 video ideas
  • Create 10 SEO titles
  • Outline 10 projects
  • Generate 10 scripts
  • Access to Advanced AI Text Editor
Pro Plan
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The most popular plan. For creators consistently producing content and expanding their influence.

  • Explore 100 trends
  • Develop 100 video ideas
  • Create 100 SEO titles
  • Outline 100 projects
  • Generate 100 scripts
  • Access to Advanced AI Text Editor
Elite Plan
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For top creators and agencies scaling their content creation compaigns.

  • Explore unlimited trends
  • Develop unlimited video ideas
  • Create unlimited SEO titles
  • Outline unlimited projects
  • Generate unlimited scripts
  • Access to Advanced AI Text Editor

Trusted by thousands of Creators.

VidPilot's core mission is to equip YouTubers and professional video makers with the advanced tools necessary to create high-impact, engaging content, with interactive elements and insights to optimize your YouTube presence.


Supercharge your content generation process.

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